Camden Town

Camden Market

Vintage Stock Buying

Throws with amazing prints

Chocolate Crepe with Strawberries "heaven"

On the boat home "Breaking Bad" & Some Chocolate n Tea Bliss

Vintage Denim stock

Picked Up Some Fur Coats

And some playsuits

Camden Town
Neil is in the motor trade
So both our careers means we can travel together most of the time 
He sources cars and i source Vintage
Works a treat
He loves to drive and knows exactly where he is going
Me, i just love hanging out with him 
So first stop was London
The sun was shining down on our little faces the minute we landed
We collected Neil's car in north london
Headed for camden then where we met up with some mates 
and our rubber arms were twisted sooo badly into having some mojito's 
on the rooftop of Coco Bamboo 
tut tut
SUMMER was teasing us
But had to keep moving and went around Camden town for a stroll
Stopped off for a crepe and a mooch 
and jumped back into the car to head off to the next destination
Got to our very bohemian style hotel
(sorry was sooo tired forgot to take photos)
and fell into a deep sleep 
I set off then to Handpick some vintage while neil went around the town 
i picked up denim fur playsuits dresses camo
and we met up that afternoon had lunch and made our way all the way across to Hollyhead
once aboard we set up our positions got the tea and chilled out watching 'breaking bad" for like four hours!!
Got home to Galway at 2.30 am
These trips we love
A chance to get away , drive through europe work and meet friends
And we bring back the goods to all of you!!!



Electric Flea Market

               My new coat I picked up and the market 

This beauty was picked up at my monthly in-door flea market on Saturday.
It's very light in weight looks like a trench coat but it's a vintage faux fur from Poland.
I think one of my biggest weakness in fashion would be coats & jackets. I have a lot of them I want a lot of them and I can never say no to a lot of them. I think the Irish weather might pay a small part in that too. Funny, my partner also shares the same addiction which I kinda like , when we shop we always go straight for the jackets or coats and then for me dresses i lOVE quirky dresses and boots.

                                                    Lavender flowers from the local market

Saturday morning for me consists of walking the prom hitting the gym with Neil and popping to the markets in town and get back home for a nice brekky and open the store then for the day.
I love wild flowers the colour texture and smells. I picked up some lavender and also threw some into a bag and stuck under my pillow to promote good sleep "so they say" "rabbit ears"
The smell hits you when you walk in and gives a lovely aroma around the place and bedroom.

                                                                    Monthly Flea Market

This was my monthly flea market on sat. I'm in the middle of changing the name of it as I'm not happy with the one I have and I'm open to suggestions ?! Feel free to comment �� 
I LOVE this time of the month where I get to thrift my heart out for five hours rummaging threw rails of clothes and handmade jewels and listening to tunes and meeting new people and picking up gems!!
I managed to nab myself the coat above and another shorter one with a tightened waist and a gold style kimono for five euro! I never leave there without picking up something !! I just love my job
I pop down to the food market then beside us and grab some lunch from the vendors and some dinner for later , myself & Neil have had a total lifestyle change since New Year's Eve and have been dairy gluten and wheat free eating vegan food and baking our own treats for the weekend along with keeping fit. I'm starting Pilates this week which I'm looking forward to I used to do it years ago but I'm more determined now to keep it going.  We both feel great and really hope to keep this as our normal life now. 


                                                          Another coat I nearly bought!!

That been my weekend.  Another week ahead of planning the new website which will launch in a couple of months with some new stockists in store and online and my own brand of handmade kimonos and bags but more on that in the coming weeks it's all go go go!

Hope you all had lovely weekend. Despite the crappy weather. So over it now.




My ideal bedroom space

Love blankets

My Office / Studio at the store

My love for grey grows everyday.
Its all around me.
I find it very calming and relaxing 
I use it in my sports wear & bed wear
I could not sleep in anything that has pigs or cows 
printed on it - i just find it very fussy
Strange maybe but muted colours / shades / tones suit me 
when i am chilling / sleeping & at the office
I also like a little colour too in certain areas
aztec prints and unusual frames fur rugs 
industrial vintage pieces lamps and chairs

What colour calms you ?

Sinead cfv